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Painting Style

Bust Up Commission
Bust Up Commission
Bust Up Commission
Bust Up Commission

TERMS and condition

I have the right to decline your requests if they're against my policy or I won't be able to do it.You can post your commission piece in any social media but please make sure to credit me and do not claim it as your own.I have the right to post the watermarked version of the commission piece in my social media(s).If you'd like a private commission please let me know beforehand.Please do not alter, modify, or reproduce the commission piece in any way.I will start drawing after I receive full payment upfront and there's no refund.
Mostly female, but I can do male tooGame character, anime/manga character, original character, self portrait (from real life person or doll)Half mecha, kemonomimi, light gore
Nudity or sexual explicit contentFull mecha or furyExtreme gore/violent/racist stuffs; hardcore yaoi/yuriActors/actresses portrait


I accept Paypal only for payment and would not take credit card based payment!I will send you an invoice to your paypal email as soon as I accept your order.You have up to 3 days to complete your payment, If you need more time please let me know beforehand.If commissioner fails to pay within the given amount of time, commission will be canceled and I won't take more commission from the same person.


I will send the sketch within 2 working days after payment to your email (or at a certain date if there are other commissioners before you), please revise the pose/anatomy in this stage!After the sketch revision is approved, I will start coloring your commission.I normally don't send a WIP, but you may request a rough color image to check and give revision for the color palette or anatomy (but no pose changing).Finished commission will be sent to your email and you may only request a minor revision or color adjustment here.Please only ask for update if I haven't updated you after 1 month! Thank you!


Please send this form via email to enmoirearts@gmail.com
with subject : COMMISSION

Have you read and agree to Enmoire's Terms of Service : YESCommission Type : Background Type : Additional Details : Reference : Paypal Name : Paypal e-mail :


Commission Type : Painting/Sketch - type (headshot/half body/two tone bust/etc)

Background Type : Color/what kind of environment

Additional Details : the pose, the facial expression, your oc characteristic and name, etc

Reference : the link to your character reference, high definition picture or photo only please!

Paypal Name : your REAL full name that is used on the paypal

Paypal e-mail : this email will also serve as a method of communication throughout the commission progress, if you want the commission to be delivered to another e-mail address, please mention it beforehand